What to Do When Your Blog is Losing Readers

It’s any blogger’s worst nightmare—after years of searching for subscribers and devoted readers, your blog is now actually losing the readership. It’s easy to panic, but hold the feeling. There are several steps bloggers can take here to stop the apocalypse. Here’s what you should do when your blog is losing readers:

Identify the Problem

First of all, it’s important to put the finger on the problem. What could possibly be causing your readers to leave? Is it the content? Is a competitor stealing your subscribers? Have they lost interest for other reasons? Conduct a survey or obtain feedback to pinpoint the issue here. Once you know what the problem is, it would be easy to apply a solution. Without knowing what’s wrong, you will be just walking blind hoping that a random strategy might keep the readers from fleeing.

Invest in SEO and CRO

Once you have identified the problem, it’s time to apply a solution. Perhaps your blog is losing readers because it’s not incentivising the web visitors to stay. You can try spending money on optimising the site to increase not only traffic but the conversion rate as well. The conversion rate here refers to the number of people who end up becoming regular readers or subscribers. Hire a reputable SEO agency up your digital marketing game for the job.

Improve Content

If the problem lies with the content, then it’s definitely time to improve the content that readers get. Some blogs start out with unique content, but as the blogs accumulate readers, the content ends up being generic and clickbait-y. Therefore, always keep in mind what attracted enthusiastic readers to your blog. The new content should be just as good as the popular content from back when your blog was actually successful. If it has gotten uninteresting and generic, find ways to improve the quality. Use a new writing style or use better images. Choose interesting topics that your readers would want to read more about to keep customers hanging.

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Diversify Content

The issue could be a problem of content being the same. Give your readers something new by diversifying what you publish. This means instead of just writing articles, there would be more video and infographics. Give readers something unexpected to keep them coming back for more. Different types of content engage readers. Plus, visual content grabs more attention anyway compared to written content. If your blog has more pictures or picture-based content, then there would be more people conversing.

Redefine the Target Audience

Perhaps the problem with your blog is that the readership has matured overtime. All in all, the target audience for the content you publish might have changed, while the content remains the dame. Therefore, consider targeting a new audience for you blog. It is easier said than done, but is possible. Use feedback and surveys to find out what the readers want and base your targeting efforts on such collected data.

No blogger wants to be in a situation where the readership is leaving. Therefore, carefully consider the above remedies and apply as necessary.