Tips To Evaluate the Performance of Your Employees

Being able to measure the creativity and performance of your employees is a great way to manage your business. It will also give you the chance to evaluate whether or not your business is running at full capacity or where there is room for more improvement. You need to make sure that all evaluations you carry out are quantifiable and that the results you finally get about your employees are strictly based on this quantifiable data. Here are some great ways to evaluate the creativity and creative performance of our employees.

Give Them Objectives

One of the best ways to evaluate the creativity of your employees as well as their performance. You can ensure that these objectives are set on a regular basis, for example, at the end of every quarter and can be reviewed, which will give you the ability to carry out innovation capability assessments regularly and train employees if further grooming is required.  It will also help employees feel valued and motivated.

Use Scales When Rating

Always rate an employee on grounds that are subjective such as dependability, ease to work with and the likes. A scale that ranges from 01 as the poorest and 10 as the best is very practical. You must always use the job description criteria so that you can ensure the consistency of this rating scale.

Concentrate On Their Performance Grading

You need to ensure that of the total number of working hours of an employee, they spend the majority working towards achieving goals that will bring success to the company, for this start to evaluate the amount of hours they spend each day on things like personal matters, reading mails and admin duties. You can also get an approximation of the times during the day when there is the maximum productivity and when there is the least productivity which could indicate a ‘slump’ that can be resolved.

Know If Your Staff Is Happy

You need to know how the staff feels about their job. If they are happy they will make for better and more enthusiastic employees. Knowing what they feel about their jobs and identifying issues if any, will help you improve your retention and also will indicate if anybody is probably going to leave anytime soon.

Keep Track Of Digital Trails

There is software that will enable you to keep track of what your employees have been doing via keystrokes and the amount of time that an employee has used a specific app on the system. Use these to get a good estimation of what your employees spend the most time doing and if t is something productive.