Social Media Advertising Musts for Local Businesses

No localised marketing campaign gets off the ground these days without social media. Social media advertising is essential to modern day promotional efforts as TV was in the nineties. However, due to the sheer number of social media channels available, and the persisting influence of big-name brands, small local companies might find it difficult to conquer the social media landscape. If that’s the case for your local Aussie business, here are some social media essentials to know about:


A Professional Touch is Important

Technically speaking, anyone can run a social media ad campaign online these days. It will definitely be cheap, but that doesn’t mean your business should do it. If your company is relatively new, and is staffed by people who are completely new to online advertising, you probably should hire a Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne or in your local area. The pros will be able to help you come up with a suitable promotional plan for your business. With a strong foundation, your online ad campaign will have a strong start. You don’t have to keep marketers on retainer, which can be expensive, but your business can definitely afford to pay for consultation at least once or twice.


Engagement is Absolutely Essential

Merely having a Facebook page or a Twitter account does not suffice as a sound social media promotional strategy. The key to conquering social media advertising is engagement. Businesses that you engaged with customers on Facebook, constantly update Twitter feeds, and respond to contacts on LinkedIn, are the ones that are most likely to succeed in social media promotional endeavours. Keep in mind that social feeds are updated every second. Constant engagement is the only way to remain relevant and significant to the target audience. Therefore, all social media campaigns must have an engagement schedule, which should ideally be daily.


Don’t Underestimate Creativity

Want to grab attention to your posts when it’s displayed among a sea of content on social media newsfeeds? Then be creative. Don’t write the obligatory daily post promoting your products. Think outside the box. Use memes, humour, current events, or imagery to capture the attention and sentiments of your target audience. Creativity drives user engagement, and that leads to a successful advertising campaign.


Don’t Be a Format Prude

Do not stick to just one format on social media channels. Do mix it up. In addition to text or graphics, use video, infographics, slide shows, and even memes as mentioned in the earlier point. Variety helps creativity. Being novel will definitely help your brand capture the attention of the target audience.


Understand Women

Nearly 80 percent of social media engagement is driven by women. That’s right; a majority of your target audience on social media would statically involve women. Even if your products are exclusively made for men, a female audience will definitely overlap your target audience somewhere on social media. Therefore, your brand must know how to appeal to women across various social networks. This, of course, doesn’t mean posting everything in pink. But try to engage women and avoid using offensive language.


Once your social media campaign is underway, there is still something very important to do: data collection. Collect statistics on user engagement, click through rates, and conversion rates to assess how successful each tactic has been. You will also be able to isolate the channels with the best ROI and focus on them more.