Is iOS Better Than Android?

Ah, the joys of using a beautifully customized and completely unique Android phone. Google has a mobile OS that is one of the most popular in the world. It has competition, obviously, and the biggest among these is the Apple created OS, iOS. Both systems have their own perks and disadvantages, and the ultimate choice as to what platform is the best might just be answered for you. Obviously, these two systems are the leaders in the market right now. They are the most famous OS for mobile in the world right now. Both of them aim to be fast, smooth and incredibly durable throughout their lifetime. They want to balance features with speed, but go about it in different ways.


People Identify With Apple, Not Their System

There are many differences between the two systems, and it isn’t easy to explain all of them. Sure, there are some obvious differences, but there are also those that you hadn’t thought about at all. For example, think about how you refer to the iOS. You almost never actually say iOS. Instead, you identify with the name of the company, Apple instead. At Layby, almost all of the customers who click into a phone shop looking for the new iPhone of their dreams, ask what version the Apple OS is. This is a strange occurrence, because Android users do not refer to their mobile OS as Google. This is actually a symptom of a mentality that not a lot of people have noticed but exists and will be touched upon.


Features Can Win the Argument

One of the most talked about points when it comes to the debate about which system is better is what exactly makes each system better. There is Android on one hand. The system is a very customizable one indeed, with a ton of different options to modify the original appearance and functionality of the system using the open source platform. iOS is a closed platform though, and can’t be modified or customized nearly as much as Android can. The only way to tweak and fiddle with the advanced settings on an iPhone is to take some pretty scary steps, some of which could lead to the phone being bricked or blacklisted due to malicious indeed.

One of the best selling points of Android, especially for users with some experience in coding, is the ability to take the very basic version of the system, or the core of it, and modify it in ways that iOS simply can’t. This results in some of the most wonderful and marvelous developments in the system. Of course, the wrong type of modifications can lead to an entirely different experience altogether. Everything boils down to a project that is maintained and run by Google itself – the Android Open Source Project. This is a raw version of  the system that can be modified by users as needed in order to turn the OS into their own.