3 Tips for Hiring the Right Cyber Security Personnel

Cyber Security is an increasingly growing concern for businesses. You may often hear news headlines talking about a huge corporations or famous being hacked. Everyone remembers the huge iCloud leak that happened back in 2014, making the lives of many famous actresses difficult. Then there was the news about the ‘The Big Hack’, where China was found to have implanted data-transmitting microchips into countless amounts of motherboards which were shipped all over the world. Just a couple of months ago, Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and richest man in the world, warned the public that he was being blackmailed by a hacker.

News like this can strike terror into the heart of anyone who owns or manages a company. The rising threat to data privacy, integrity and confidentiality is now causing large corporations to invest a lot of money improving their cyber security measures. Frankly, all of us should be following their lead.

In order to implement and maintain effective cyber security measures, you’ll need to have a great team. Hiring the right cyber security personnel can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we’re giving you our three favourite hiring tips that should make things much easier for you:

Understand the Skills Required

Cyber Security isn’t strictly an IT issue and so you shouldn’t hire people that are skilled in that field. Of course, technical skills are important when working with software but your personnel will also have other responsibilities:

  • Designing comprehensive security strategies that cover both internal and external scenarios.
  • Design contingency plans
  • Communicate points in the strategy to other senior management and other employees.
  • Assist in strategy rollout.

So while it is important for cyber security personnel to be knowledgeable in things like planning out a web app penetration test, communication and organization skills are equally valuable.

Think Twice About the Educational Requirement

A lot of companies make it a must for candidates to have a degree in cyber security. This may not always be practical because there is still a deficiency of cyber security degree holders in most parts of the world. Therefore, you may want to relax this requirement. You could, additionally, check which degrees have a similar curriculum to cyber security programs and list those in the requirements as well.

For certain roles, you may even be able to hire someone without a degree, who can think logically and learn quickly.

Prepare With the an Excellent List of Interview Questions

Cyber Security is a demanding field and you want to gauge whether the candidates will be able to handle the task well. Therefore ask questions that reveal whether the candidate:

  • Can handle a strenuous workload
  • Can collaborate effectively with a diverse set of minds.
  • Can effectively handle scenarios when they’re right and they’re superiors are wrong.
  • Can peruse even the tiniest details.
  • Can work on the same thing repeatedly until it is perfected.

A good way to find these things out is to give candidates hypothetical scenarios and ask them to make choices.

Once you follow these three tips you’ll be able to find your dream team pretty quickly.